NAMT Japanese Car Show 2022

The last Sunday in February hosts a local show at the National Automobile Museum of Tasmania. This is only its second year but already it is bringing some very tasteful cars out of the garages and into the public eye.

This MX32 Cressida was my second favourite car in display.
The interior was completely stock with the exception of a wood Nardi Deep Corn and Mooneyes shift knob. Vinyl roof and Dunlop Lemans are also a standout touch.

While Japanese cars have dominated the race track here in Tasmania most car shows have been predominantly Holdens / Fords, and old or luxury European cars. Occasionally the MX-5 club would make an appearance, but Japanese cars have never been a large portion of local shows. I would assume this to be due to the low cost of entry (until recently) producing some not so stellar cars. This combined with sour taste the older generation have of them from the SexSpec era, “Drift Spec” cars and rust / sticker-bombing trends.

Kouki lights with a Zenki grill / bar is my personal favourite look

Over the last couple of years though the Japanese car market has seen a massive price spike and a lot of the disposable chassis are now considered real collectors items.

If we aren’t talking GTRs or Rotary Mazdas nothing says collectors Japanese car much more than the 2 door GC8 WRX. While America and Japan are still filled with different variations Australians only got the STi in a very limited run. Good examples of these are quickly heading into the 6 figures. This is very much one of my dream cars, 2 or 4 door.

Good picture to show the rear difference between a Series 1 and Series 2 SA22
This corolla was actually a local ex drift car.
Very nice coat of paint, watanabes / AD08r and a 20v ST 4AGTE

With these cars now becoming a lot more respected it’s not unusual to see them on historic registration and parked on the sidelines of large car related events. The first year of the NAMT Japanese Car Show in 2021 was a huge success and was the most people I’ve seen at a NAMT show by double. The 2022 show had an increased parking area but unfortunately the weather kept 1 / 3 of the entrants away.

Something I didnt expect to see was this Aussie Race Car, or “Aussie Legend” as people also refer to them. This has been a supporting race series in Australia for a number or years now. Im not 100% sure on the details but they run a bike engine, absolutely awesome watching due to their small size as they can go 3-4 deep into corners.

Not a Nissan engine guy but it seems they’re all I took photos of

The sun would occasionally come out before quickly disappearing and pouring with rain again. This made for good practice with my new CPL that I picked up the day before the event. Despite the poor weather the show was still very popular, always a good chance to catch up with people you haven’t seen in a while. Will be back for the 2023 show without a doubt.

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